Le Caprice is open for fittings Tuesday – Saturday From 11:00-7:00 (by appointment ONLY.) Please call us at 408-973-9631 for available hours. We are located at 10055 East Estates Dr., Cupertino, CA 95014.
Begin by calling us to book an appointment for a day and time that is convenient for you. Saturday appointments tend to book up in advance, so if there is a specific date that you are interested in, please contact us as soon as you can.
We work exclusively by appointment because we are a small boutique. We want to provide each bride with the best experience and full attention, it would not be fair for our brides to share their schedule time with walk in brides. With an appointment we are prepared for your visit and you are guaranteed a fitting room.
Please book your appointment 6-8 weeks before your event date.
If your wedding is less than 6 weeks away, we can most likely still help you. It will be consider a rush alteration. Since we will have to accelerate the alteration process, an additional rush charge will apply.
We will be pinning the dress and preparing to alter the gown during the first appointment. It is very important you bring the shoes and undergarments (Spanx, bra, corset, petticoats etc.) that you plan to wear on the wedding day. If you are having any custom alterations ( adding sleeves, sashes, appliqués, etc.) you must bring the fabric and materials you want to use as we do not provide fabric.
We schedule half hour for each appointment. We understand traffic can be unpredictable, so if you run a bit late for your appointment, it's o.k. However, we will not be able to extend your half hour appointment into the next person's time slot, so you will have a little less time or you might need to wait for the next appointment to be done if you missed your initial appointment time.
We appreciate 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
We are a small boutique and we can accommodate 1-2 people in addition to the bride. We also REALLY appreciate it if your party can arrive together, even if they are just coming to watch you try on your dress.
A child's safety is our highest priority. We are not child proof and pins and other hazards are found at our boutique. We encourage you to make other arrangements for them. If you must bring them we do ask you bring someone that can supervise them meanwhile we work on your alterations. Appointments can not be interrupted once pinning begins as time is limited. A bridal salon is not a fun place for kids and they will get bored very quickly. We do ask that children be held and that they remain seated during the appointment. If they start crying or running we ask that they are taken outside, as we will have more than one bride at a time.
We do not recommend bringing in gentlemen to the alteration appointment to respect other brides' privacy. We do not have private rooms and we will have more then one bride out on the alteration floor at a time. If you have gentlemen joining you during the alteration, we ask you inform us when you schedule your appointment so we can try to accommodate request. This will limit appointment availability time.
No. We kindly ask that no pets are brought to appointment.
On the day of your fitting, our master seamstress will pin and fit your dress to show you the alterations necessary to provide a custom fit. Following your appointment you will be given a price for the alterations and any custom additions you would like to have done. Alterations need to be paid 1 week before the scheduled pick up appointment. Dresses can not be picked up from the boutique until the payment has been made.
Basic fitting and hemming generally starts at $400, but there is no minimum for minor modifications. The cost of gown alterations can vary significantly depending on your dress’s number of layers, lining, understructure or boning, lace, fabric, cut, hem, finish, buttons, zippers, belt, corset, bustle, train. Special customization such as adding sleeves or fabric, changing the original pattern or design will be an additional charge.
We accept cash, check and major credit cards (we do not accept American Express.) If payments are made by check and the check bounces there will be a $25 dollar fee.
Yes! We design original, custom items such as veils, belts, and boleros. We can also incorporate vintage fabrics and pieces passed down from your loved ones to make these accessories truly one-of-a-kind. We also sell veils, belts, jewelry from leading accessory designers.
No. While we specialize in revision and custom fitting designer wedding gowns, Le Caprice does not design original bridal gowns due to time constraints and high demand on alterations.
We do not sell wedding gowns or bridesmaid dresses, however we sell special occasion dresses, veils, jewelry, bridal belts and bras.
Yes, however steaming is not included with alterations. There will be an additional charge for steaming. Generally bridal dresses cost $40-$50 to steam and bridesmaid/special occasion dresses cost $10-$20 per dress for steaming.
We can work with you, but you must schedule an appointment and physically be in the boutique to be pinned and fitted for alteration. Once the alteration is completed, we recommend that you come back to the boutique to try on the dress and ensure the fit is perfect. We are not set up for shipping. If you can not pick up the dresses personally you must have someone pick up the gown and arrange the shipping.
You can find parking in front of our boutique. We have a large parking lot we share with other shops in the plaza, and there is always parking available.
Yes. Our location is completely located on the ground floor and has accessibility for wheel chairs.
Yes, please feel free to bring a camera.
No, we do not allow drinks or food.

Le Caprice Tips:

Keep an open mind when altering your dress. You might want to change the original design of the dress and add your own personal design ideas. With the help of our experienced seamstress, brides are often surprised to find out the special customizing they had in mind might not be recommended. Our expert seamstress understand you might want to make your wedding dress unique and a different alteration idea might work better than your original modification idea. We want to make every bride shine on their special day! We value honesty and sometimes we will not recommend a certain alteration.

Many brides have weight or fitness goals they want to achieve before altering their wedding dress. It’s understandable, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself that you run out of time to alter the gown. Make sure you schedule your first appointment 6-8 weeks before the wedding and during the appointment, inform the seamstress you are planning to modify your weight. We will give you a few weeks to come back and re-try the dress to make sure the initial pinning still works and make any modifications if needed before altering the gown.

Le Caprice takes tremendous pride in the quality of our work. Please give us a call if you have any further questions or concerns. We strive for perfection and we know you will be delighted with the way your gown fits on your special day.